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November 8, 2007 [New York City] – DeafVision Filmworks is pleased to announce the launch and name re-branding of MICA RUNWAY 2008, to be held in New York City on June 20-22, 2008. Additionally, the “MICA” in MICA RUNWAY now has a new name: Multicultural and International Consortium [of Deaf and Hard of Hearing] Artists and Advocates. To celebrate this re-branding, MICA RUNWAY has also unveiled a redesigned website at

MICA RUNWAY is a leading arts and entertainment high-grade venture in New York City exclusively dedicated to showcasing works by emerging filmmakers, up-and-coming fashion designers, aspiring talent, literary and visual artists who are disabled, deaf, hard of hearing or deaf-blind. Founded in 2000, MICA RUNWAY produces events such as film showcases, prominent fashion shows, art exhibitions, multimedia events, and more.

“We’re taking MICA to a new level,” said event founder and chair Ann Marie “Jade” Bryan. “With the enormous success of past MICA RUNWAY events, we decided to meet the growing needs of our supporters by adding two programs, Teen MICA and MICA Art.” Teen MICA is a day-long festival for family filled with fun activities such as a mini-fashion show, face painting, an art exhibition, talent, character meet and greet, and more; MICA Art is a three-day showcase for mature spectators presented in a variety of mediums by artists across the globe. “It’s really exciting for us to see MICA RUNWAY expand and create new opportunities,” Jade added.

The three-day community affair and charity fundraiser celebrating diversity will feature the theme, As in Art: Be Daring, Avant-Garde, Guerilla, Creative, and Innovative and New York Mardi Gras, all weekend. “MICA Runway 2008 will entail a fashion showcase of wardrobes by renowned designers and sponsoring boutiques. Also, visual, performing, and literary artworks will be displayed by various artists who are deaf and hard of hearing. This is always an exciting event that brings together people from all corners of the world,” said Jade. “It’s also a great opportunity to see new work, network and have a great time.”

Hosted by not-for-profit film production company DeafVision Filmworks, Inc., the MICA RUNWAY 2006 event raised over $30,000 that went towards “9/11 Fear in Silence: The Forgotten Underdogs.” The 2008 event will help support the $100,000-budgeted feature film, “Somalia: A Love Story,” about a Deaf African-American woman who falls in love with a musician. In addition, it will also support the fight to battle breast cancer and promote awareness, with portions of raised funds donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

“What I’d like to see accomplished at the MICA Runway 2008 event is that we see a significant improvement or change within the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing communities to learn to support each other,” said Jade. “I’d also like to see the building of a bridge where entrepreneurship, network and leadership are developed, since these are crucial factors of success. We need not be too segregated when people, especially those who are artists, turn to each other for support.”

Jade added, “This is a not to be missed red carpet appeal for the fashion aficionados, supporter of the arts, film enthusiasts or those with an appreciation for our young and emerging talent. If you’re any of the above, this is the place for you.”


DeafVision Filmworks, founded in 1991, caters to filmmakers of color to develop stories that are overlooked, ignored, or suppressed by media gatekeepers. DeafVision Filmworks is a New York-based, non-profit corporation founded by African-American Ann Marie “Jade” Bryan, who believes in the importance of educating the general public about the cultural experiences of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. Founded in 1997, JADE Films, where the passion of words are turned into action, is an independent film and entertainment production company that strives to raise consciousness about African-Americans and Latinos who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. To learn about DeafVision Filmworks, please visit:


To date, Jade is the only known African-American female Deaf filmmaker in this country with honors and awards. She graduated from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University with a bachelor’s degree.

In June 2007, Jade impressed ABC’s American Inventor celebrity judges, British entrepreneur Peter Jones, boxer and inventor George Foreman, Spanx inventor Sara Blakely, and former owner of Philadelphia 76ers Pat Croce, with her Ready-to-Wear Speaker Gear design and invention. She advanced through three rounds to the top three semi-finalists in New York.

Jade believes in her invention and will stop at nothing until she secures a deal with a manufacturer. In the meantime, she continues to produce films addressing a variety of social issues. Her indestructible positive attitude and motto is, “If you have a passion for something, then keep doing what you love doing. You need to BELIEVE.”

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Visualizing is the Key to Realizing by James Ray

Visualizing is the Key to Realizing by James Ray

What is it that separates the highly successful individual from the average or even successful individual? Why is it that one person seems to achieve extraordinary results on a consistent basis and another, with nearly the same training, hits and misses their accomplishments?

The success technique to which I am referring is visualization. I guarantee that “visualizing your results is the key to realizing your results.” Visualizing is one of the most important techniques you will ever learn and one that is utilized by all high performers.

Visualizing is your key to success for two reasons: Your mind thinks in pictures and images; Your unconscious mind drives your behavior.

Your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something that is real and something vividly imagined. Whatever picture (goal) you consistently think about will drive your actions to create that exact picture. When you continually see yourself in possession of your goal, your unconscious mind will move you into actions that align with the mental image you hold.

Here’s a quick visualization overview to assure your goal achievement:

1. Create a clear mental picture. You must associate a picture to your goal. You should picture yourself in your vision, rather than watching yourself achieve your goal. This “fine point” separates the masters from the masses. You must create a picture that is so real you believe you already have achieved your success.

2. You must “experience” your vision. You must be in your picture, looking through your own eyes… seeing, hearing and feeling everything as if you have already achieved your goal. You must create the emotion of the moment in your own body.

3. Visualize your goal at every opportunity. Bring up your mental picture while waiting at a stop light, when you’re on a break, before your next meeting. The more frequently you plant your picture into your unconscious mind, the more rapidly you will begin to realize increased results in your life.

4. Visualize first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The best time to visualize is in the morning right after you wake up and just before you go to sleep. These are the times when your unconscious mind is most open to influence. When your conscious mind relaxes, your unconscious becomes very receptive to your thoughts, dreams and ideas–particularly ideas with high emotion.

So make a commitment right now to create your picture of achieving your goal. All great masters have taught that we become what we constantly think about. Think about your goals to the exclusion of all else and watch your personal and professional results skyrocket!

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